***ATTORNEY OF THE #korrygaines relatives showed up in the court with a #kaepernick jersey ***BLACK EDUCATED AND PETTY LOL ✊🏿✊🏿💯****if you do not stand for a little something, you will fall for something.**** It seems like each individual week we are possessing yet another black man’s or black woman’s daily life becoming reduced to a RIP hashtag on Twitter or a photograph-collage on Instagram. At some point this has to end. We are all human beings and our lives really should be valued and regard as mush as other folks. With Colin Kaepernick’s protest finding up steam immediately after some are beginning to take away the blinder and not just acknowledging his kneeling but to truly pay attention to the concept he’s striving to supply, a lot more people from all walks of daily life are showing their guidance.

Korryn Gaines, a twenty five 12 months-aged mother, was shot and killed by a Baltimore-place police officer on August 1st. Gaines loss of life is one particular of the several examples in which Kaepernick is standing (Kneeling) for. Kaepernick has the guidance of Gaines’ lawyer, J. Wyndal Gordon, who made the decision to put on his Kaepernick jersey to court.#blackpride #blackpeople #policeshooting #policebrutality #murica #korryngaines #attorney #lawyer #colinkaepernick #kaepernick7 #jersey7 #blacklivesmatter #blackunity #blackunityglobally #blackunityisamust


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