The 5 Different Types of Bail Explained

When most people hear the word ‘bail’ they typically associate it with a set cash amount.  The general thought is that if you’re arrested and offered the opportunity to be let out on bail, you can do so if you can fork up the requested cash.  However, bail isn’t always this simple, especially when the amount requested is large.  Every state differs as to what types of bail they accept, but below are the five most common to be aware of.

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1. Cash Bond

For petty crimes, a cash bond is usually enough to release someone that has been arrested.  If the defendant cannot personally afford to pay their bail, a relative of the defendant can be asked to do so.  The amount requested is usually determined by the court or the state, and defendants are usually released immediately from police custody once the money has been posted.

2. Personal Recognizances and Own Recognizances Bonds

Sometimes a court will release an arrestee on a personal or own recognizances bond.  Often called PR or OR bonds, these don’t require a cash payment, as they work in a similar way to citations and release.  If the court approves this kind of bail, the defendant will be released after their hearing so long as they agree to adhere to the bail terms set in place and agree to reappear in court on a pre-determined date.

3. Signature Bond

A signature bond, also called an unsecured bond, involves the court applying a bail amount but enabling the defendant to leave police custody without it being paid upfront.  Again, it works in a similar way to citations and release, but in this case, the defendant will only have to pay money to the court if they fail to show up when requested.

4. Secured Bond

A secured bond involves the defendant providing an asset that the court can take, usually property, if they fail to turn up to court when requested.  The defendant is usually released immediately after signing a document to say they agree to the terms.  Secured bonds are usually requested in lieu of high bail cash amounts.

5. Bail Bond

Finally, defendants who are unable to provide any of the above, or who cannot afford the cash bond requested, can opt to provide a bail bond instead.  These are usually posted on the defendant’s behalf by an agent like Goldberg Bail Bonds.  When used, the defendants will pay the agent a fee for posting the bail on their behalf and the agents agree to pay the court should the defendant not turn up for their court date.  In a similar way to secured loans, bail bond agencies usually require the defendant to offer some sort of collateral or security against the bond.

Being aware of the different types of bail is important, not just for yourself, but for your family members as well.  Bail isn’t as straightforward as TV shows like Law and Order will have you believe, but there are options available for those who don’t have cash at hand.…

Injuries Don’t Always Show Up Immediately After a Car Accident

You were in a fender bender in a parking lot last night and felt fine. In fact, you felt great as you finished your shopping and went out to dinner with friends. You may have noticed a slight headache when you were getting ready for bed, but you certainly didn’t expect the aches, pains, and stiffness you awoke with. You have been hit by the after-accident-woes, and you may need to call a lawyer. Here are three types of accident related injuries that may not show up until hours or days after an automobile accident.

Leg Injuries

Whether you are aware of it or not, your leg may impact the dashboard of your vehicle as the two cars collide. Bruises may take several hours to manifest, and some people have been known to walk around on fractured bones without realizing the damage. Since the knee is one of the most common injuries after a collision, it is a good idea to contact car accident lawyers in Columbia, MD, for advice after a car accident.

Head Injuries  

Your head has a thick bone, but a weak neck joint. As a result, during a vehicle accident, your head can flop against the side window, knock against the seat rest, or strike the steering wheel. Depending on the force of the accident, your brain may receive injuries, your neck can fracture, or you could find yourself experiencing long-term soft tissue injuries.

Back Injuries

Another soft tissue injury can occur when your neck and back snap in different directions from a sudden jolt. Whiplash can cause injuries to the cervical spine lasting from several weeks to several years. This type of damage often requires treatment by a physiotherapist.

When you are in a car accident and are hurt, call an experienced lawyer to help you find treatment for those injuries. Sadly, most soft tissue and bone damage cannot mend by itself.…

Reasons Why Leaving Mexico For The United States Is Difficult

Many millions of Mexican natives are currently living in the United States as legal, registered immigrants. Millions more live their lives as illegal immigrants, a lifestyle that often ends in deportation back to Mexico. You’re probably familiar with the ongoing immigration of Mexicans to the United States. However, you probably don’t know why so many Mexican nationals fail to receive visas from the United States government so they can legally live and work inside the country. Let’s touch up on a few of these reasons.

The Government Allots So Many Visas To So Many Countries

To be fair, the United States government accepts visa applications from foreigners living in all corners of the world. If it were to grant visas to as many Mexicans who are currently living in the United States illegally and who are planning on moving to the United States, people from other countries would find themselves out of luck simply because they’re from a country other than Mexico.

Not Having Legal Family Members In The United States

The direct relatives of Mexican natives who currently hold citizenship in the United States are eligible for visas to live and work in North America’s middle country. Most people who are seeking to legally reside in the United States have to sign up and be eligible for other types of visas, including being transferred from an overseas business facility to one inside the United States, a process that only employers can kick into action.

Not Being Able To Understand English Is Difficult

While many Mexican nationals who seek visas to live in the United States understand some English, they often can’t read, write, and speak it well. This results in being generally unable to fill out the blanks on visa applications, causing them to not be selected. Even if you know why getting a United States visa is so difficult, it’s important to have an immigration lawyer in Altamonte Springs on your said to improve your chances of being welcomed into the United States via a work visa or being given full citizenship. …

Why You Should Finally Get Rid Of Your Timeshare

The allure of purchasing a timeshare can be very strong for some people. Unfortunately, there are many factors in play that can lead to buyers regretting their timeshare purchase. If you’ve owned a timeshare for any length of time and are wondering if you should get rid of it, below are some great reasons to consider it. Consider visiting for more information on how to get rid of timeshare legally.

Timeshares As Investments

When you decide to purchase a timeshare, it is done so under the assumption that it is an investment you are making. Perhaps, however, one of the best reasons for finally deciding to sell your timeshare is that it is no longer a good investment for you and your family.

Factor In Total Cost Of Ownership

Purchasing a timeshare is never a one-time cost. There are many other long-term costs associated with timeshares to take into consideration such as paying for property taxes, utilities and maintenance. Even when the cost of the timeshare is paid in full, you will have all of these costs to continue paying.

Losses Are Not Tax-Deductible

When it comes to timeshares, any losses you assume are not tax-deductible. If something happens to your asset, you will have to absorb the whole financial blow yourself. Because of this, it is wise to take an opportunity to sell your timeshare with little or no loss when it presents itself.

Put Money To Better Use

For some families, the money spent on the timeshare could be used for something else that is more important. If you have debts, medical bills or other unexpected expenses you need to pay for, the money going to your timeshare would be better spent taking care of other financial responsibilities.

Hopefully, you and your family were able to make some great memories in your timeshare while you had it. If you have decided that now is the time to get rid of it, contact a reputable company to help you sell it. They will work with you to discuss your options and try to get you the best price for it.…

Benefits Of Homeownership To Consider

Owning a home is a dream for most Americans. Most people accept this dream without fully recognizing the benefits and risks of doing so. Taking out a mortgage is a huge responsibility that you will be dealing with for 15 to 30 years. The cost of a monthly mortgage should be taken into consideration before signing on the dotted line. Use a reputable online calculator for estimating Florida real estate closing costs. A great calculator to use is the one found at

Long-Term Investment

One of the best long-term investments that can be made is the purchase of a home. If your home is kept maintained, it will either keep its value or increase in value over the years. Your home is not the only thing that holds its worth. The land your home is built on can be worth a lot of money in the long run, especially if the property in the area becomes more valuable.


Appreciation is also known as home equity. When you build up equity in your mortgage, you can use it for many things. The equity will grow in a couple of ways and is calculated by finding the difference between how much you owe on your mortgage and the current market price of your home and property. As you pay down your mortgage over the years, your home equity will grow as well. The second way your home will appreciate is when the value of your home goes up in the real estate market.

Tax Deductions

Another great benefit of owning a home is the tax benefits that can come with it. When you purchase a home, you can deduct some of the costs of ownership from the taxes you pay the government during tax season.

While these listed benefits cover more of the financial benefits of homeownership, there is also the added benefit of pride. The feeling that you own something that is completely yours is a great feeling. You are free to remodel it, paint it and customize it to your personal tastes without having to get a landlord’s permission.…

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