Questions to Ask a Lawyer

Dealing with a lawsuit is a very serious matter. This is especially true if you believe you are entitled to a large amount of money. There is also a chance that you could be accused of criminal wrongdoing. In these instances, you need to be certain that the person you have representing you in your case has a long track record of winning in court for his or her clients. There are many lawyers in every city? How can you possibly determine which one is the best for your particular case? The following questions will give you some insight.

1. How would you go about handling my case if it goes to court?

There is a chance that your lawyer will not be able to negotiate a settlement for you. Therefore, it may become necessary for you to go to court. If this happens, it will be imperative for your lawyer to have a strong case prepared on your behalf. This is why it would be wise to ask these question during your free initial consultation. It will provide you with an advance look about how the lawyer would represent you. Then you can compare the various strategies that are presented to you by the lawyers you meet with.

2. Do you think I have a good chance of winning my case?

You should ask the lawyers you talk to about the odds that you will be successful with your case. You might have a situation where some lawyers might tell you that you do not have a strong case. If this happens, you might want to reconsider pursuing the legal matter. It is always good to get the opinion of the lawyer regarding your chances of victory. You can ask this question when you meet with a hit and run lawyer Fairfax.

3. How long do cases like mine usually take?

The wheels of justice usually turn very slowly. This is why you should find out how long similar cases like yours have taken to resolve in the past. The lawyers you talk to can give you an idea of how long you will need to wait.…

How to Become a Notary

The requirements to become a notary vary by state. Start by reviewing those requirements. The process is not free, so it is also ideal to make sure that you have the financial means to pursue becoming a notary. Once certified and you have your stamp, providing notary services may help you earn extra income.

Starting the Process

Once you’ve looked at the requirements of your state, preparing your application for submission is the next step. Each state has an application fee. This must accompany the application.

When your application has been approved, you can begin taking training courses. The training should be received from an approved provider. As the training courses are completed, you may take the state exam. You must receive a passing grade or may have to wait to retest.

Completing the Process

When you have received your passing test score, it is time to move onto more paperwork. This means having a background check and fingerprinting done. Some states may not require this. Some states require that you take your passed test, background check and fingerprints to a local office to receive a state certificate. You will need this certificate to provide notary services.

If you live in a state that requires surety bonding for notaries, obtain the bond prior to submitting the final paperwork with the local notary regulation office. Not including the bond paperwork may delay your final approval.

The last thing you need to start stamping and signing documents is your notary stamp. If you are wondering where to get a notary stamp, the local office may be able to help you. It is important to double check the date that your stamp is set to before stamping any documents as the date of notarization is important. Some documents are time-sensitive.

Closing Thoughts

Make sure that there are records of all of your transactions. A ledger of services must be kept. This can help you when tax time rolls around because your records are contained. Make sure to also keep records of all costs associated with providing your notary services as they may be tax deductible.…

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Help with Traffic Violations

You might know that it’s important to hire an attorney to help you if you’re facing serious charges or if you’re going through a serious legal situation. However, if you’re just facing something simple like a traffic ticket, such as if you got caught speeding on your way to work one morning, then you might not think that the situation is really serious enough to merit hiring an attorney. However, the cost of hiring an attorney should not get in the way of you hiring one to help you with your traffic ticket. Even those who are facing traffic tickets should consider seeking legal representation for these reasons.

Avoid Missing Work

If you have to work on the day of your traffic ticket court date, you might be worried about how you’re going to explain the situation to your boss, or you might be concerned about missing out on much-needed cash on your paycheck. In some cases, you might not have to miss work at all if you hire a lawyer to assist you with handling your Fairfax County traffic violations. Of course, before assuming that this is the case, you should talk to your lawyer to see if your presence will be needed in the court room on the day of your court date.

Keep Your Drivers License

Some traffic tickets can result in losing your drivers license, depending on how serious they are and what type of driving record you already have. If you’re worried about losing your drivers license, you should not hesitate to talk to an attorney to find out about your options.

Save on Car Insurance

Even if you choose to spend the money to hire an attorney, you will probably come out cheaper than if you handled your traffic ticket on your own. This is because the lawyer might be able to help you avoid having your car insurance rates go up, since he or she might be able to help you get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

Don’t handle your traffic ticket on your own. Instead, for a whole host of reasons, hire an attorney to help you instead.…

Should I Sue an Employer for Wrongful Termination?

Even though it may feel like your termination from a job is unfair, it doesn’t always rise to the legal definition of wrongful termination. You should only file a lawsuit if your case is strong and can pass the legal test for wrongful termination.

Are you sure it is wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination is being fired in an instance that violates the work contract or is against a prohibited law or statute. For example, a person cannot be fired for a disability. You cannot be fired for race, religion, gender. and any other protected classification. You can be fired for poor performance, redundancy, misconduct, or other reasons that constitute an arrangement that impedes the normal operations of the business.

Have you considered any offers by your employer?

Many times an employer will give you an offer of severance in order o be in the clear of any legal repercussions. You might want to take the time to consider any offer of financial compensation. You could end up with better compensation that way than taking it to court.

Is there any documentation?

Save any documentation you have that shows proof of why you were fired. Take notes as soon as possible after being fired if you are not provided paperwork. Ask for copies of the termination in your employee file, if possible.

Get Sound Legal Advice

Consult an expert wrongful termination attorney Orlando FL residents call on to determine what the best course of action is when faced with being unjustly fired. Employment law can be complicated and you want to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Bringing suit against an employer for possible wrongful termination may be the right move to make, but find out more about the strength of your case by talking with an experienced employment law specialist. Find out what your options are in your situation.…

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid After A Car Accident

You are in a state of panic. Even when you aren’t in the wrong, a car accident could throw you off. You may make regrettable mistakes. But, even when in a rush or if the accident appears minor, you shouldn’t hurry off.

As you think about the zeros in your bank account, also think about getting a personal injury lawyer. Not your friend who is a tax lawyer Montreal, unless you are asking for recommendations.

Hasil gambar untuk 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid After A Car Accident

So, while you drive carefully, pushing the possibility of a car accident to the back of your mind, you should know what to do and what not to do. That knowledge ensures the protection of your rights from the insurance, legal and a personal standpoint.

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Admitting fault

The trauma from the car accident will affect your judgment. However, you shouldn’t assume guilt. Even if you caused the accident, there are investigations which will help you stay safer.

  1. Don’t go after a legal firm with limited knowledge and practice of personal injury laws

While general practice attorneys help with most issues, a personal injury lawyer should be the person you talk to in case of an accident. Personal injury law gets complicated. For the best legal representation, and for the best outcome, get an experienced accident lawyer. Getting a lawyer with extensive experience in accidents and personal injury cases will save you money and also simplify the process.

As you look for the best lawyer prioritize their trial experience. Although most cases are resolved before trial, the possibility of going to trial is present. Your lawyer should have trial experience, not one but a dozen.

To get the above details, you must ask the right questions. Find out if other lawyers refer clients to that lawyer. Also, inquire if the lawyer has the resources to take on some of the largest insurers. Don’t forget to get information about the lawyer’s accessibility, and how long they have been practicing law.

  1. Failing to seek medical help

While most car accidents result in minor accidents, you may get out the wreck unscarred. That means that you may not see the need to seek medical help. You are not in any pain, anyway. But, even if you feel, okay, your health should be your priority. Get checked for injuries. Seeking immediate medical help is essential because you may suffer internal injuries concussions or whiplash. If undiagnosed/ treated, the results could be fatal.

Worried about the medical bills? Your car insurance cover covers the bills.

  1. Not reporting the accident to the police

Did you know that you could be charged for failing to report a car accident? Besides, failing to report to the police will affect the insurance claim process. Your lawyer needs the report for investigations and for filing the claim.

  1. Not reporting the accident to your insurance company

Even when you’ve paid all the premiums, failure to report the accident to the insurance company may mean that the company refuses to process the claim. And, you cannot do anything about that.

Lastly. Talking to the other driver’s insurance company may affect the case. Also, don’t post the accident on social media.…

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