The requirements to become a notary vary by state. Start by reviewing those requirements. The process is not free, so it is also ideal to make sure that you have the financial means to pursue becoming a notary. Once certified and you have your stamp, providing notary services may help you earn extra income.

Starting the Process

Once you’ve looked at the requirements of your state, preparing your application for submission is the next step. Each state has an application fee. This must accompany the application.

When your application has been approved, you can begin taking training courses. The training should be received from an approved provider. As the training courses are completed, you may take the state exam. You must receive a passing grade or may have to wait to retest.

Completing the Process

When you have received your passing test score, it is time to move onto more paperwork. This means having a background check and fingerprinting done. Some states may not require this. Some states require that you take your passed test, background check and fingerprints to a local office to receive a state certificate. You will need this certificate to provide notary services.

If you live in a state that requires surety bonding for notaries, obtain the bond prior to submitting the final paperwork with the local notary regulation office. Not including the bond paperwork may delay your final approval.

The last thing you need to start stamping and signing documents is your notary stamp. If you are wondering where to get a notary stamp, the local office may be able to help you. It is important to double check the date that your stamp is set to before stamping any documents as the date of notarization is important. Some documents are time-sensitive.

Closing Thoughts

Make sure that there are records of all of your transactions. A ledger of services must be kept. This can help you when tax time rolls around because your records are contained. Make sure to also keep records of all costs associated with providing your notary services as they may be tax deductible.

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