I have just about had it with the insurance company. Of course they have their bottom line foremost in their minds, but the same thing goes for me. I am about to go ahead and hire a lawyer, It is not as though there are not plenty of them, right here on the bus there is an ad saying that for personal injury claim solicitors in Dublin call 01 524 0606 today. It is not that simple though, because they do not really want to have just any case. They are only interested in a sure fire winner really, since that is probably the only sure way that they get paid. If they lost the case, then I certainly would not be that eager to pay them for that. I would only be interesting in paying if I won obviously. For me this is about the money that I am entitled to, although obviously the insurance company does not see it this way.

In fact I am guessing that the likelihood is that the case would not ever see a jury or a judge. The insurance company is not going to chance a loss in my opinion. They are going to give in when they are faced with the prospect of losing, because then they end up paying me what I am owed and they have to pay for all of the lawyers. They will have to pay their own lawyers and the ones that I hired, so they shall figure that it is a lot better just to go ahead and pay me what they have to pay me. I just need to figure out how to get them to give in without going through all of that silly nonsense. It seems like they should think it is good sense themselves.

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