Depending on the crimes you have been charged with, you might be given the opportunity to bail yourself out of jail before your court date. The amount of the bail is set in your arraignment hearing. Most courts require at least 10 percent of the bail amount to be paid before they will agree to release you.

When you do not have the 10 percent to put down on your bail, you might need to figure out how to get the cash elsewhere. By borrowing it from a bank, payday loan company, or bondsman arapahoe county colorado defendants like you could secure your release and remain at home prior to your trial or hearing.

Agreeing to the Contract

When you apply for and get a bond from a bail bonds company, you are agreeing to more than just borrowing the money. You also must agree to terms that require you to follow the demands of the bail bonds company if you want to avoid being put back under arrest.

The primary term in the contract stipulates that you make all of the required payments on your bond amount. The payments are typically made on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If you miss a payment, you could risk being arrested again and put back in jail. If you do not make any payments at all, you will have an arrest warrant put out for you.

Another term that comes with the contract involves showing up to all of your scheduled court dates. You must appear before the judge and jury as scheduled by the court. If you abscond from your court date, the bail bondsman can track and arrest you. Once you are back in jail, you will not be given another chance to bail yourself out.

These terms are typical with any bail bonds contract that defendants like you sign. You are required to know to what you are agreeing before you sign it. You can find out more about bail and bonds by going to the company’s website and reading more today.

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