My lawyer tells me that since i was not employed with my company for atleast a year, that i cant sue them?!?
I am sueing my old job because i had a miscarriage on the job when i was called out of my bedrest to come to work OR ELSE. I had been emplyed with that company for 9.

My son has recieved a fine,he is 2 months short of his 18th birthday,no job not claiming benefit no assets.?
What will happen? I’m no lawyer, however, through past experience – The court may allow him to ‘work’ it off. Community service (could be helping clean kennels at a dog pound, washing city, county, or state vehicles, picking up.

My son was caught stealing now im being sued?
I am in Canada (Ont) my son was brought home cause he stole a choc. bar. Now I just got a letter from some lawyer and they was almost 500.00 for him doing this. I dont know want to do. I dont have that kind of money right now and.

My work doesn’t provide good equipment and chairs to prevent carple tunnel now i have it. Can sue?
yes u can get u a good lawyer make sure u go to the dr and have nerve testing do on your wrist,my sister-in-law done that also and another friend she did the same thing and they won the case.

Need advice on finding a laywer/law firm specializing in estate litigation in multiple states.?
My grandmother passed away without a will a couple months ago and I need to find a lawyer to settle her estate. My father was her only child and both him and her husband are deceased. I was informed that I am her next of.

Need lawyer who know the rules of INTERNET?
Is that legal ? Pls read? For example i bought domain from somewhere else domain name , and i paid all money for 1 year, there is still 7 month for expiration date, but its closed from seller which i bought from , and they didnt tell me anything what.

Need Legal Advice!! Please Help!!?
I was just served papers for Child Custody from my son’s father who has not been in his life consistently since my son was born, I am going to represent myself, but i want someone to write up my response with out hiring a lawyer, who would i go to? (i.e. Attorny, Paralegal, etc.)?.

Obnoxious Lawyer?
So heres the deal. I am representing myself in a divorce. I have no choice. So lets not go there. Anyway, I e mailed her laywer and asked her about what is going on with our divorce and are we going to settle. The exact response i received from her lawyer was this: ‘Get a job you.

Ok back to my question on being suit. My car did have insurance paid daughter, why is he suiting me, you think
If you are being sued, you need to contact your insurance company right away and let them know. They will hire a lawyer to represent you. You can ask your lawyer all these questions and get.

Once a personal injury lawsuit has setteled how long does it take for the funds to be released?
It should rarely take more than a week for the lawyers to disburse the final amount. If an insurance company is involved, they will send the check to your lawyer who will deposit it into a trust account, make their.

Only mentioning the bond period in Appointment letter and get signed it- is it a legal bond?
My previous imployer served me a notice through a lawyer for damage due to quiting the job. The bond period was mentione in only appointment letter. No other legal paper were signed. So what should now I do. Send me full details.

Order of Protection (Restraining order)?
I have an order of protection against my children’s father. On the order his lawyer and himself (along with the judge) agreed upon visitation for him of the children and child support. This protection order is about to expire. Does the visitation and child support expire as well? NO. My suggestion is to extend.

Our family doesnt want to sell the property but the lawyer does. he asked for a very large amount to fix right
when my granpa died , left all the properties to my grandma. when she died, my aunt had forged a will, which was contested. all the family wants to keep and divide all the property up between.

Owners being sued 67 million dollars over a pair of pants?
i was astounded to hear this morning that a man who is a lawyer by the way is gonna sue a little mom and pop cleaners 67 million dollars because they lost a pair of pants he was having dry cleaned..the owners gave 3 different offers to have.

Patents: I need an intellectual property lawyer to advise me on patent information.?
I need to get something patented before I sell a prototype to a manufacturer, for production and distribution. I am a business woman with more experience in finance. If you don’t mind to please advise me, maybe we can become friends in the process. I can.

Paternity i need a lawyer??
I have a hearing on June 21st and i just found out babys daddy lawyer’d up. Do i really need one. Will it make a difference? It wasn’t me I didn’t do it. Yes, always take a lawyer to any court proceding. He will work for you to keep the hearing just. ..

Personal injury lawyer question?
My lawyer told me that he got the insurence company to not come after the settlement money. im only getting $250,000 due to her max policy coverage. My bills are documented to be in the $850,000 range and still climbing. the family that hit me dosent have much money. we did an asset check and.

Please help crime victim husband set my house on fire with us in it I need free or contingency lawyer?
I would like to know how a normal person gets ahold of high profile laywers who would take my case on for contigentcy or pro bono I & my three children are crime victims my soon to be x-husband.

Question about court ordered house auctions?
How does the court decide how money will be divided after a co-owned house is sold by auction? Does the lawyer of the buyer have the right to put the money in an account until the last tenant agrees to pay outstanding bills. Or..should all the money go to the court, and let.

Question for a lawyer or police or anyone who knows the answer?
i bought a trailer 18yrs ago and put it on my parents land by there home with there permission. the land is theres. we moved out about 10yrs ago and it set empty for awhile then about 5mo ago i rented it out with my moms permission.(dad.

Question for Lawyers!!. Can my daughters father get access to her?
My daughter?? father has never seen her or met her. She is 18 months old. He wants nothing to do with her and doesn’t pay maintenance either. He said he will not pay a cent cos it was my choice to have her. Anyway, he is a lawyer.

Racial Assault?
Partner was unfairly arrested and out on bail being accused of racial assault which he did not do and the evidence is on voice recorder, any ideas. So your partners White i guess and was arrested for assaulting a black man ? Simple get a lawyer, you must have legal-aid or a Public Defendents Office, where ‘you.

Re: CPS took my children (continued..).?
The appointed (for dependents) lawyer asked for grandparent’s phone # on the day the children were taken. They never called. If they did, my mother would’ve referred them to my sister who would’ve accepted the children. My sister does want to take over care for the children. However, she lives out of state,.

Recording industry targets college kids only for copy right violations(illegal downloads)..why is that?
Usually college kids do not have the money to hire a lawyer to fight for them.if you get the right lawyer, it would cost the Record Company more to go to court with you than the amount they might get from you. – Because they.

Should i get a lawyer? i have court on the 26 of apr i have a court appointed lawyer not public defender.?
this is my 3rd assult charge with my wife. my first was BS and was dropped after i paid a lawyer $1000.00. My second involves a gun but i was only protecting my wife and my wife.

Should I get a Lawyer?
A friend is trying to get me for popping her daughter.the daughter was hitting me.she called the police.I was put in jail and then told me (the police) that they dont see anything wrong with popping her becouse she was hitting me. Everyeone is telling me to get a lawyer.SHOULD I and Should I.

Should I hire a lawyer? I was in a car accident with some extenuating circumstances.?
I was rearended on a Highway when traffic was forced to stop because of trash that was thrown in the middle of the road. ‘troubled’ kids were out picking up trash and one of said kids took a bag and deliberately threw it in.

Should my friend stick with his not guilty plea or go along with what his lawyer says and plead guilty?
A friend of mine was visiting his cousin at his cousins house. He was just hanging out there.Later that day,a guy comes to his cousins house and starts trouble and pulls a gun on his cousin.The cousin goes and.

So my x called me today. I didn’t sign the quit-claim deed?
to our house. He wants to meet me tomorrow to sign this. In our original divorce papers I was to get to the house, corvette plus a bedroom suite and riding lawnmower. When I met with my lawyer to sign the divorce agreement he did not tell.

Somebody owes me a $1000, but is avoiding me..what steps do i need to take in order to get the money back//?
i want to know if i have to get a lawyer..or can i call the make him give me my money.if i got a lawyer.i would end up losing money because of what would be.

Someone please help,im losing my life part 2?
to add more detail to the situation ,yes i do have a lawyer,and i have more then enought eveidence to prove i am innocent . but i cant seem to get my day in court. 3 yrs ago she testified in the palimanary hearing and she was horrible,the story she told.

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