After you are hurt on-the-job, you have legal rights that your employer cannot violate. Chances are, however, that your employer may not be as forthcoming with this information as you would hope. You may be left to your own devices when it comes to figuring out what legal steps to take in the coming days and weeks after your injury.

You do not have to do your own research and hope for the best if you decide to file a workers comp claim against your employer. By retaining a law firm, paralegal, or work injury lawyer hillsboro or workers like you can be informed of your rights and take the steps that are in your best interests.

Affirming Culpability for the Accident

Your employer may not be forthcoming about your legal rights because it does not want to take the blame for your accident. In fact, your manager or supervisor may purposely withhold this information from you because they know a workers comp claim would be costly to the company. They would rather you believe you caused the accident and should take on the blame for your injury.

When you have a lawyer working for you, you can establish who was to blame for the accident and resulting injury. Your attorney can use the legal system to get access to proof like surveillance video, eyewitness statements, and other facts that should show you are not to blame for what happened.

Once the culpability has been established, you and your attorney can then pursue a claim and possibly build a case to take to court. Chances are, however, that your employer will want to settle the case out of court. It may be ready to offer you a settlement if you agree not to sue the company.

Any settlement offer can be vetted thoroughly by the attorney you hire to represent you. Your lawyer will make sure the offer is in your best interests and fully covers expenses like medical costs, lost income, and others that you might incur as you heal from your work-related accident.

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