Unfortunately, it could happen: through no fault of your own, you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Before you know it, you’re under arrest and headed for the hoosegow. From there, your options are limited to whatever the judge presiding over your case decrees.

The Bail Bond

If the judge at your hearing sets bail, you’re eligible for a bail bond. It’s the justice system’s way of ensuring you’ll keep your court dates because your assets are at risk. And bail benefits the system by keeping the jail population in check.

Your bail is the money the court demands and keeps until your case has been resolved. The actual amount reflects the seriousness of your alleged crime. But while you’re incarcerated coming up with the dough could be a problem. That’s where a reputable bail bond agent such as Sullivan County bail bonds will help.

What Does a Bail Bond Agent Do?

For you to be released, somebody must deposit the bail with the court. If you or someone you know can’t, contracting with a bail bond agent takes care of it. Because of the strings attached, however, you should take the time to choose a good one.

Your bail bond agent will ask for a portion of your total bail — typically 10 percent — as a non-refundable fee. Even if the court drops your case, that money is gone. But if you’re anxious to get out of jail, it’s much better than having to come up with the full cost.

If you honor your court dates, your financial obligations end with the bail bond agent’s fee. When an unavoidable circumstance like illness prevents you from honoring one, your agent will notify the court.

Dealing with the justice system can be overwhelming. Paying a reliable bail bond agent like Sullivan County bail bonds to steer you through it may be the best money you ever spend.

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