After you have been arrested, your only thought at the time might be on getting out of jail and going back to your loved ones. You do not want to spend a moment longer behind bars than necessary.

Even so, you may not have the cash in your bank account to pay your bail. You also cannot ask for your friends or relatives to loan it to you. Your best option to get out of jail might be to use a bank loan, liquidate some assets, or secure one of the Franklin County bail bonds that are available in your area.

Understanding the Bail Process

Before you contact a bail bondsman, it can be critical that you understand how the bail bonds process works. The bail bondsman will not front the cash for you without some type of collateral or assurance. You might have to put up some type of asset against the cash value and interest. You also may need to get a surety to secure the bond.

In essence, applying for and getting a bail bond can be a lot like applying for and getting a bank loan. You have to qualify and show your credit worthiness for it. If you have a low credit score, you might have to have someone cosign the bail bond with you. You also may have to put up a sizable amount of collateral if you cannot secure a cosigner.

A professional surety bond must go through a third-party financier that can back up the bail bond for you. This type of bond arrangement has a higher credit criteria and is often used in the most serious of criminal charges.

These arrangements are legally binding and come with responsibilities on your part. For example, you must show up to court for all of your appearances. You also have to make your bond payments on time even if you end up going to jail. If you fail at either, you could be arrested for jumping bail. The charge will be added to those you already face.

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