Even though it may feel like your termination from a job is unfair, it doesn’t always rise to the legal definition of wrongful termination. You should only file a lawsuit if your case is strong and can pass the legal test for wrongful termination.

Are you sure it is wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination is being fired in an instance that violates the work contract or is against a prohibited law or statute. For example, a person cannot be fired for a disability. You cannot be fired for race, religion, gender. and any other protected classification. You can be fired for poor performance, redundancy, misconduct, or other reasons that constitute an arrangement that impedes the normal operations of the business.

Have you considered any offers by your employer?

Many times an employer will give you an offer of severance in order o be in the clear of any legal repercussions. You might want to take the time to consider any offer of financial compensation. You could end up with better compensation that way than taking it to court.

Is there any documentation?

Save any documentation you have that shows proof of why you were fired. Take notes as soon as possible after being fired if you are not provided paperwork. Ask for copies of the termination in your employee file, if possible.

Get Sound Legal Advice

Consult an expert wrongful termination attorney Orlando FL residents call on to determine what the best course of action is when faced with being unjustly fired. Employment law can be complicated and you want to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Bringing suit against an employer for possible wrongful termination may be the right move to make, but find out more about the strength of your case by talking with an experienced employment law specialist. Find out what your options are in your situation.

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