The idea of becoming a United States citizen is a dream come true for many people around the world. Filling out the endless paperwork for immigration can be exhausting. It has to be done perfectly in order to be accepted. Below are some ways to ensure your paperwork gets done the right way.

Hire Help Of Lawyer

If you want to make certain everything is done correctly and no issues arise with the filing of your paperwork, it is essential to hire the help of a US citizenship and immigration services Houston lawyer, such as the ones found at They can work with you throughout the whole process and check the validity of your paperwork before you file it with the immigration office.

Translate Foreign Documents

The United States Citizen and Immigration Services department requires all paperwork submitted with applications be in English. If you need to submit official paperwork that is written in your foreign language, such as a foreign birth certificate, it should come with translations. These translations need to be “certified” by a professional translator to be accepted.

Don’t Forget Signatures

If your application is missing a signature anywhere on the paperwork, it will be rejected automatically. This is one of the top reasons applications get rejected each year. Be sure to thoroughly go through your paperwork before submitting it to make sure no information or signatures are forgotten.

Apply Before Current Status Expires

The application process is a long one. It is not a good idea to apply for immigration or citizenship when your current status is expired or about to be expired. Losing your status while waiting for your application to be processed can get you in a lot of trouble and come with penalties ranging from fines to deportation.

Filing for an immigration renewal or citizenship is very important and needs to be done correctly. It will benefit you to hire an attorney to help you through the process. They can help take some of the stress and burdens off of you during the process and ensure it is done the right way.

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